Easter at Deep Water Church 2016-03In case you missed it, Easter is this Sunday (March 27). Easter is a big deal for those of us who follow Jesus. Spoiler Alert: it’s the day we celebrate that He overcame death and offers us new life now–and eternal life. And since most people in our culture celebrate Easter even if they don’t truly understand its meaning, it’s a great day to invite people to check out Deep Water Church.

1. 82% of people invited to an Easter Service will say likely attend

2. Four words: Free Coffee and Snacks!

3. When they come with you, it looks like you have groupies.

4. You will be inviting them to a place they can belong–and we all need that!

5. 35% of people would be likely to attend a church if they knew people there “are like me.” If you’re their friend, they are probably like you in some ways–or at least they may like you! 😉

6. 7 out of 10 unchurched people (people who have never really been part of a church) have never been invited to church. If you don’t invite them, who will?

7. After eating all that chocolate, you really need to get out of the house anyway–might as well bring a friend.

8. 2% of people who attend church will do so because of a church advertisement compared to 86% who attend because they were invited by someone they know.

9. Many people are looking for a church that is involved in the community–we do that! #homeless

10. Inviting them to Easter could be the most important, life-changing invitation they ever receive.

Not sure how to invite someone? Share the above graphic as your status or profile picture (here on Facebook), tag someone in the comments on Deep Water’s post, send them a private message and say you’ll meet them (or pick them up), call, text, tweet, Instagram–or just ask them in person!