I love the community we’re building at Deep Water. It’s a place where you can get to know people beyond the plastic smiles we can be tempted to give people. Here’s a great story about how someone’s life was forever changed just by greeting them on a Sunday morning. The church was called New Life, so I (Jeff) took the liberty of inserting Deep Waterean…(OK, still not sure what to call ourselves, but you get the point!)

“A few Sundays ago, aDeep Waterean turned around and met a man for the first time and probably saved his life. This man had planned to take his own life by driving off a cliff later in the day, but decided to come to Deep Water beforehand to give God one more chance. When theDeep Waterean met him at the end of the gathering, he was obviously distraught. Instead of ignoring the man’s pain, the Deep Waterean prayed with him…” (READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE)


While this is a pretty dramatic story, I love it because it reminds us of how genuinely caring for each person who comes thru our doors can make a difference more than you may ever know. So enjoy the coffee and snack this week as you get to know someone you don’t know!