One of the things we would like to do to connect with people this St. Patricks Day is make silly balloon hats and animals for people as we hand them a card about where we are. (And we plan to stand near our door so we can point people to where we meet.)

As much as I love tying balloons, I will need some help to make it a success. As I’ve said before, they are surprisingly easy to learn to make. We will have a “clown college” course: Balloon Tying 101 & Silly Leprechaun Hats this Sunday, March 2 after the main worship gathering. It will only take about 15-20 minutes to learn to make hats and animals. If you find you can’t quite get the hang of it, you could help the day of the parade by filling balloons for those who tie them.

If you can take a minute to RSVP, it will help me plan for balloon making supplies and to gauge interest. You can RSVP by commenting below or clicking on the event in our online community by logging in here.