Jeff always jokes that “If you don’t like organized religion, try us–we’re not that organized.” But truthfully, we do a lot behind the scenes to organize, to be effective in the community and to facilitate smooth administration. While many of you may never see the database, some of you log in to give electronically, view giving statements or other tasks. We are currently in a transition phase between two different databases.

If you normally access the database from our “login” link on our website, those will be changing shortly. Unfortunately, so will your password. So, you will have to request a new one. If you are on the worship team and access Planning Center regularly, it will be the same password.

If you normally access your giving statement thru the database, some of your giving history may be missing when you first check. We are in the process of converting everything over to the new system.

If you have a recurring gift (make your donations to Deep Water automatically), it will need to be set up again. For likely obvious legal reasons, we are unable to “transfer” automatic gift setups. Don’t worry, any gifts made to the old system during this transition will still get here; and we’ll update you soon. 🙂 This will NOT affect gifts made thru PayPal.

If you normally use the nursery check-in on Sundays, you will notice some changes this week.

Sorry for any frustrations that may arise. You can be confident that we are working hard to switch things over and that the new database will help us be more efficient at serving you and the community!