Hey, didn’t we already say this? Wasn’t it the “Grow Tip” a few weeks ago?…well, yeah, we did, but it’s a very important tip and in many ways, the words GATHER, GROW and ENGAGE cannot be fully separated. We grow in our faith as we serve others. As we engage people with the gospel, we grow in our faith. And often growing in our faith is spurred on by gathering together.

To help you grow, here’s this week’s “GATHER/GROW Tip“:

Tip: Start or join a group

Being connected with other in community as everyone studies the Bible is one of the best ways to grow. While it’s no substitute for personal disciples like prayer and Bible reading, it is a great way to learn more–and it’s fun to meet new people while growing! Check out the groups here.

Since we’re still new as a church, we may not have a group that fits your schedule. If that’s the case, talk to Jeff about starting a group. You will find it a rewarding experience–and it is probably easier than you think! Oh, and we’ll provide the training to help you get going and move forward.

For more information, contact us or comment below.