Get Involved3-01Excited about things at Deep Water? Looking to make a difference? There are a variety of ways to get involved at Deep Water and we’d love to help you find a place for you to serve that matches the way God made you. Here are a few of the common places that you can get involved quickly:

Library Food
We heat sandwiches and head to the library where we meet and feed people weekly. It’s a great way to show the love of Jesus to people. For more detailed information, see this announcement this week.
Farmers Market
We have an opportunity to setup a table and do arts and crafts for kids while telling people about who we are. It’ll be on Wednesdays at 11:30am.  For more detailed information, see this announcement this week.
Snack Rotation
One of the unique things about us is we have great coffee and snacks every week after the worship gathering. We always need people willing to make a few things to eat.
Put up Signs
Because our location can be difficult to find without the extra signage we put out every week, the signs for finding us and parking in the right place are essential. We need help getting them out and in place each morning and taking them in afterward.
Greeting/Opening Doors
Having a smile and helping people find their way in makes people much more comfortable as they take the risk and come check us out. A good experience can make a big difference in their day.
From babies to toddlers, these little ones need lots of attention and care–but are also a lot of fun and full of joy. Helping watch them gives moms a break and allows them time to focus on God on Sunday.
Kids Church
Our rotating teams of teachers have a chance to impact a child forever as they invest in the kids during the time adults are listening to the sermon. And most teachers learn a lot about the subject too as they prepare using the provided lesson curriculum.
Summer Cleaning
We have volunteers who come in and clean on a rotating schedule during the week. During the summer we need extra help as they are on vacation, etc. so we can keep our facility looking its best.
Do you have musical talent? Whether you sing or play an instrument, we invite you to connect with us and talk about joining the worship team.
If you want to get involved, but none of these sound good, contact us and connect on Sunday. We’d love to help you find the place where you can make a difference while serving!