Interested in getting to know some people? One of the best ways to get to know people is to get involved. We currently have many opportunities and new things come up all the time. Consider:

Greeting: We need people who can smile and make people feel welcome, especially first time guests. Since our entrance and parking area is not typical, greeting people at the front is essential. greeters are scheduled to greet once a month and typically get there about 20-25 minutes early on a Sunday morning.

Kids Church: Young kids are in a constant state of discovery; and we have the privilege of investing in them every week. Teams of two (a teacher and an assistant), rotate and teach once a month. We provide a curriculum that is fun and easy to adapt to your style.

Youth Group: A group of teenagers meets every week on Tuesday nights to grow in their faith while having some fun and getting to know each other. It’s a great opportunity to invest in teens as they work through their faith during their adolescent years.

One of these sound interesting? None of these sound like the right fit? To talk more about these opportunities or other ones, contact Jeff or comment below to get started.