What we celebrated on Easter Sunday is relevant every day of our lives!

As A.D. The Bible Continues plays on Sunday Nights at 9pm on NBC, you will see that Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection was only the beginning of the story. So what happened next? Join us at Deep Water Church this Sunday as we continue sermon series covering what happened after the Resurrection.

Millions of people will be watching the TV show and will want to learn more about what the birth of the early church means for their lives and faith today. Focusing on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and continuing on into Acts as the church dramatically begins and flourishes as the series goes on through June 21. (Keep in mind that due to the realistic portrayal of historical events, it may not be appropriate for younger children. #ViewerDiscretionAdvised)

Our sermon series will cover the first chapters of the Book of Acts. Our plan is to cover the texts that will be the basis of the story told that evening. That way, you can go into the evening with some background knowledge of the story and what it means. You will be better prepared to understand the meaning of the story and discuss it with friends or others who might have questions. And if they are interested in the series, invite them to our worship gathering on Sunday to find out more–and meet some really cool people!