Code Purple was a huge help to the homeless this winter. As that program winds down in the spring, many will find themselves without places to stay and access to clothing, etc. As many of you know, we provide food, hygiene products and clothing (primarily for men) for the homeless year round. If you’d like to get involved, here are some ways:

Donate Clothes: We need used men’s clothing, jeans, socks and sneakers (size 9 1/2 thru 11). As you do your spring cleaning, think of us and we’ll pass things along.

Hygiene Products: We maintain a supply of toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. that helps those living on the streets to maintain a level of hygiene that helps them find employment, etc.

Pickup or Heat Sandwiches: We have volunteers pick up food during the day Monday thru Friday from WaWa and bring it to the church building. On Sundays, we heat sandwiches after church and pass them out at a place downtown. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we currently heat sandwiches in the morning and deliver them to The Interfaith Day Resource Center (where homeless people can shower, do laundry, get help getting an ID, get help finding jobs, etc.).

Salvation Army Lunch: Every other month, volunteers provide a meal and serve lunch at the Salvation Army downtown.

To get involved or fund on, contact us, comment below or talk to me (Jeff) on Sunday.