While most of us will simply ride out the hurricane in our homes, many will be on the streets. Some who normally live in hotels will find themselves on the streets because NASCAR attendees will use the hotels they would normally rent. Everything is in a state of limbo at the moment, but the normal Code Purple which operates during extreme cold also helps out when there are emergencies outside of winter. I just got this message on the Code Purple Facebook group:

Due to the upcoming storm…..we may need to go into a Code in Need with the help from Dover Interfaith Mission. We may need food!!! and water!!

Dover Interfaith is planning to take on at least 20-25 extra men…..we are working on emergency shelter IF needed for women and children. We will also need food. It would help us if the food is prepared for at least 15-20 and placed in containers that we are able to keep. We would be in this emergency from Friday-Monday 8am. At this time —–we are waiting to hear back from the City and State- but in the meantime we would like to have a plan incase this is needed. If you can help——please inbox here or call Dover Interfaith Mission 302-736-3600

If you wish to help, please contact them. And if you’re interested in up to the minute information about Code Purple, join the Facebook group here.