We have community groups so we can learn to live out our faith. We encourage people to connect in community and live out the three words to describe our goals for people who attend Deep Water: Gather, Grow and Engage. While many of these may be informal, we do have several that meet informally. (Of course, our “formal” ones are still very causal–just advertised better!) The groups we form focus on one of these words as well–of course, if you’re in a group that gathers for community, you’re likely to grow and possibly engage the community too.

If you’re interested in leading a group, talk to me on a Sunday, contact me or comment below. I’ll help guide you through the process of getting started.

While it may seem a big task, it’s really as simple as finding a convenient time to meet and using some questions to steer the conversation in a direction that helps people grow spiritually. If you want to form a Community Group but want a little more training, you can “intern” at mine to see how to do it. If you want to form a Discipleship Group, join us to see how to do it–it’s probably easier than you think. I will make myself available to help you start for the first couple of meetings, help you get the right tools to make discussions easy and support you as you lead.

And if you’re interested in joining a group, we’re updating our list right now; but you can checkout our past groups here. (Many of these will continue.) And we’ll be announcing our next midweek topic soon!