With our recent sermon on Adultery and Faithfulness (one of the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20 discussed in our Neue: Live Free–Set Free series), Valentines Day and a big movie release coming up, we’re once again reminded that sometimes the values of the culture we live in don’t line up with the truth God reveals to us in Scripture. There are many articles online discussing relationship and sex. Of those I’ve read, I (Jeff) have decided to share this one by Debra Fileta on Relevant Magazine’s site:

Last year, we broke down the 4 biggest lies the Church told us about sex. Of course, the Church is far from alone in misleading facts about sex. We get plenty from our culture as well—this time of year, in particular.

From the entertainment industry, to literature and music, all the way down to a basic car commercial or advertisement for a bar of soap—we use sex for pleasure, for money, for intimacy, for power, for manipulation, and—as portrayed by the latest runaway best-seller set to hit theaters this weekend—even for pain.

It’s clear that we are a culture completely immersed in sex, and READ MORE

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