The Marine Corps, 9-11 and Muslims: I hope you guys enjoyed meeting the Missionaries last week and hearing their story. They have a really unique story and calling to proclaim Jesus around the world. Unfortunately, we are NOT able to record and podcast what they said because of where they are going; but I can share more if you missed it and want to know more. And if you’re interested in keeping up with them and forgot to get their contact info, message me and I’ll help you connect.

As a church, we will be supporting them (as we do others) as they go across the world to proclaim Jesus. So, thank you for your generous support of Deep Water which allows us to support them!

Some expressed interest in giving to them online. We will send any money marked missions that comes in during the next two weeks to them specifically. To give online, click here.

And if anyone wants to help with our missions display, talk to me!