will you marry us-starbucks cupThose of you in the Thursday night community group may remember the creative way I was asked to do a wedding ceremony after group one night. (See the cup to the left!) Since the wedding rehearsal is Thursday night (April 11), we won’t have our regular group that meets on Thursday in the church building.

Most of the people who normally come should know by now, but we want to make sure everyone knows! See ya next week!

We have several open groups that meet around Dover. As a rule, if you are interested in a community group at Deep Water, connect with the group leader before coming the first time–or the first time in a long time. Sometimes groups may not choose to meet every week due to the schedules of the people in it. And few things are more awkward than being the only one to show up at a group!

Not connected? Ask us more about groups–or talk to us about helping facilitate a group where people can meet together to study the Bible, pray for each other, discuss the YouVersion questions from the sermon each week, etc. The spiritual growth and community you’ll experience may be life-changing…