Each week we supply a weekly Parent Cue for parents and God Time sheet for kids.

  • The Parent Cue is meant to be a resource for you to discuss and reinforce the lesson with your kids.
  • The God Time is intended to help kids learn to spend some quiet time with God on their own. (Of course, you’re welcome to help them and model it for them as they learn!)

We’re posting the upcoming week’s material for the lesson that will be taught this Sunday. Copies of these are on the welcome table in the lobby before you enter the main worship space. Or, for your convenience, you can download them below.

Parent Cue Discussion Spiritual Discussion Starter Sheet
For the lesson this coming week: Parent Cue December 15.
Haven’t gotten to this week’s yet? Check out the Parent Cue December 8.

God Time Quiet Time Exercise for Kids
For the lesson this coming week: God Time December 15.
Haven’t gotten to this week’s yet? Check out the one for God Time December 8.

As always, instructions are here.

Our goal as a church is provide you with resources to help your children grow spiritually. We’re doing our best to make things simple and easy. Please feel free to give us feedback on this!