Who is the Pastor?
My name is Jeff Dyer. (Find me on Facebook or Twitter.) My wife Denise & I grew up in Dover and graduated from Caesar Rodney High School—and both came to faith in Jesus after high school. We’ve lived in Pittsburgh-PA, Pasadena-CA, and Gorham-ME. In 2000 we moved back to Dover. Since living here, we both felt called to start a new church, gathered some likeminded people to be a part of the process and started Deep Water.

How did you end up being a pastor?
If you knew me in high school, it will probably surprise you that I’m a pastor—it certainly surprised me! In fact, I majored in Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. In college, Denise and I volunteered as much as we could in the churches in which we were involved. Since college, I’ve worked at a variety of churches (small, medium and large churches in two denominations) and with parachurch organizations (Young Life and Youth for Christ) as we moved around while I was in school and working as a pastor. After working on staff at other churches, we branched out and started Deep Water.

I’m just checking the church out right now. Can I talk to you about the church sometime?
I LOVE hanging out with people (especially when there’s coffee and/or Indian food). So, contact me by phone/email, Facebook or Twitter, and come on in to discuss Deep Water, God and/or life! If you don’t feel like Deep Water is for you, I know a lot of other pastors and am familiar with a lot of other churches and would be happy to help you find a place that better fits you.

What’s the best job you’ve ever had?
Hands down, this one! I love this church and how it’s touching lives here in the greater Dover area. Although there are some things I may not want to do on any given day (not a fan of administrative tasks), I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else!

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Cleaning up after bingo games!

What do you do for fun? Or when you have a day off?
Hangout with my wife & kids
Go down to Rehoboth during the summer and winter
Mountainbike in northern Delaware and Maryland
Hunt, camp, hike and kayak
Split wood
Read–especially interested in biblical studies, theology and science

Any other hobbies?
Crossfit now that I’m retired from Powerlifting & Strongman Competitions
Hiking and Mountainbiking
Tinkering with my 1966 Mustang
Volunteering as a Wrestling Coach at Caesar Rodney High School and Fifer Middle School
Teaching biblical studies and theology and mentoring Graduate students in East Africa