Many kids return to school without the supplies they need. As a church, we want to help meet the needs of those students who don’t have the supplies they need to get a good start for the academic year.

This year, we’re gathering supplies to send to the Murphey School. Most of the kids who live at the Murphey School attend school in the Capital School District (Dover). We can’t supply an exact list since they attend a variety of the schools within the District. Many people focus on the supplies needed for younger kids and older kids (middle school and high school) don’t get enough supplies donated. Please consider picking supplies from the lists for the middle and high schools (Dover High School, Central Middle School William Henry Middle School). Most stores have lists available to help with your shopping.

If you want to contribute, simply drop supplies off at our worship gathering on Sunday. Or contact us to let us know when you want to drop off supplies during the week.

For more information contact us or see Julie Memmolo on Sunday!