Authentic Faith: a place to be genuinely spiritual without feeling you need to put on a show for other people—feel free to be who you are and honest about your journey

Culturally Relevant & Engaging: a place to ask questions—training and classes to give a reason for what we believe, help people grow spiritually, equip people to serve and experience teaching that engages our daily lives

Generationally Inclusive: a place where we all grow and learn—while some teaching and environments are geared to different age levels and life circumstances, we seek to integrate values & teaching of children and youth with adults while equipping families to grow spiritually

Inclusive Community: creating a place to know and be known—a place where nobody walks alone, a place where people live in community and experience life together while building healthy relationships

Engaged Locally & Globally: not retreating from the world, but engaging it by using our gifts and talents to show Christ’s love through the church, our jobs and other organizations in which we lead