Life is complicated, but church doesn’t have to be. We’re a new church helping people connect with God and others in order to become the people God created them to be. We want to build relationships…we want to be a church that engages the surrounding community and connects with each other throughout the week.

That means we want to create

…a place where people come to experience God while getting to know other people and building community

…a place where real people can ask real questions

…a place to be genuinely spiritual without feeling the need to put on a show for other people—feel free to be who you are and honest about your journey

…a place to ask questions—and learn how the Bible should affect our daily lives

…a place where people use their gifts to engage and meet the needs of the community—from creating places to hang out in Dover…to rebuilding homes of people in need…we want to make an impact where we live!

Our vision is to be the church all week long—to be involved in God’s mission in the world. We want to see people who don’t have a clue who God is or who have wandered from the faith come into a loving community that embraces them where they learn to follow Jesus and become more like Him.