When meeting people, we get a lot of questions about who we are as a church. In order to make that information more readily available, we have been working on adding more information to our website. We’ve been adding information to answer all of your questions. Take a minute to check out our website and give us some feedback.

What information is helpful?
What could be clearer?
What else needs to be explained or changed?
What do you wish we had on the website?
What might a friend who doesn’t go to Deep Water want to see on the website?

We’ve also added a login feature. As we add more things to our church, it’ll become increasingly useful. If you’ve given us you email address while at our gathering, you’ll be able to login by requesting a password. If you get our email, but haven’t had a chance to come by, you can request a login.

We had a great meeting last Sunday about our Children’s Ministry. We’re in the process of adding more information on our children’s program (nursery and elementary), including an explanation of why we’re doing what we’re doing and resources to help parents reinforce what is being taught.