Our current series is shadowing the A.D. The Bible Continues as it runs on Sunday Nights at 9pm on NBC. Since there are normally a few inaccuracies in how the Biblical story is portrayed in any film, our plan has been to cover the texts that will be the basis of the story told that evening. That way, you can go into the evening with some background knowledge of the story and what it means.

If you are watching at home and have questions (especially if you haven’t been able to make it on Sundays), I’d encourage you to listen to the sermons on Sunday or check out the podcasts. You will be better prepared to understand the meaning of the story and discuss it with friends or others who might have questions. And if they are interested in the series, invite them to our worship gathering on Sunday to find out more–and meet some really cool people!

And if you’re looking for a few questions to discuss what you have seen, check out our YouVersion event each week!