If you’re not from the area, that title might be confusing. When did buffalo come to Delaware? Are we taking preparing for a very unlikely danger? If we have a herd of buffalo, why are we planning to make them stampede?

The Buffalo Stampede is an annual race in Wyoming, Delaware. (It’s right next to Camden, but not the same town–but that’s a long story!) If you’re the kind of person who runs from things other than danger, you may want to run the 5 or 10K (Enter here.). If you’re not a runner, or maybe just want to serve others, join us as we run a water station during the Buffalo Stampede in Wyoming on Saturday, July 20.

We’ll be pouring water and gatorade into cups and giving them to people running the race. The race begins at 8am and we would probably see our last runner by 9:30. We need 4-6 people for this to work well. If you’re interested, comment below or contact me!