We’ve partnered with Build On and other churches to build schools in Nicaragua. While many of us use Facebook to post about our lives and all the things we do, this is our opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life simply by clicking “check in” on our phones while at Deep Water. (The #bricks4schools is optional, but helps spread the word.)

As Build On says, “Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need education the most – children living in poverty – are the least likely to attend school.” While schools are expensive, lack of education will cost kids and their societies more.

For every “check in” on Facebook, we’ll help a school to help lift local kids out of poverty so they can build a future. Together with others, we have 15, 645 checkins so far this month! Let’s do our part to double that!

Remember to check in at Deep Water and help build a school in Nicaragua!