The community we’re building at Deep Water is really cool. I look forward to coming every Sunday; but it can be hard to keep up with everyone. And there are people who haven’t had a chance to meet each other yet. There are so many things that people ask me or others that doesn’t really have a centralized, online home yet. So, we’re going to try connecting people with a Facebook group. While you may already “like” us on Facebook (and if not, please do here!), some things are better posted and responded to in a group rather than a fan page.

So, we’ve started a Facebook group meant to be a place for people connected to Deep Water Church to share prayer requests, swap baby/kids clothes, ask about good apartments, places to buy used cars, suggestions for contractors, recommendations for doctors, etc.โ€“all those things people do when they are in community.

Currently, we have it set to “open”, so feel free to join and get the discussion going. But, also remember that some things are best said in private messages. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, click here, connect and make new friends!