IMG_6393Some have been asking for more Deep Water swag. With the summer in full swing, most of us realize the need for water. We made some tumblers with the Deep Water logo. The tumblers cost $10 and are available after Sunday either worship gathering. All proceeds will go to helping dig a well in Tanzania. I (Jeff) was there two years ago and personally saw how water was transforming people’s lives. Clean water is something most of us in America take for granted; but many in other countries collect water from mud puddles or walk miles each day to get the water they need.

Having clean water allows people to avoid many diseases and the decreased time getting water allows them to work on other projects or stay in school. Whole communities can be transformed by a well.

The organization with whom we work makes all the wells self-supporting once they are drilled; so once we invest in a well in a town, the people will be set for years to come.

So, when you look at your Deep Water Church tumbler, remember to thank God that we have access to clean water and pray for those who don’t…and as a bonus, you may get to share with friends or coworkers about Deep Water and invite them to join us sometime!