Jeff Dyer Dover Days 2015 Deep Water Church Dover Delaware

Part of what makes us who we are as a church is the desire to be connected and part of the community outside of the space we meet weekly. As a church we encourage people to be actively involved in the community and take part in the many festivals in and around Dover.

In addition to hanging out and participating in Dover Days events individually, Deep Water also has an information booth on Saturday, May 7 where we give out information about who we are while doing fun games, etc. with kids. To make it a success, we need volunteers on Saturday to do a variety of tasks. And we’d love to have people volunteer to tie balloon animals, run small ‘carnival games’ for kids, etc. (Check out Jeff the picture of  Jeff from this year’s Dover Days Guide representing Deep Water Church last year to get an idea of what we do.)

Dover Days will be celebrated this weekend (May 6-8 2016). The event is the largest in Kent County and drew more than 50,000 people last year. A blend of traditions and modern attractions, it celebrates First State history. If you want to help, stop by on Saturday and see if we need a hand (or contact us)!