Two weeks ago, we started a short sermon series called Simple Actions and last week we talked about the word ENGAGE. Putting our faith in Jesus begins a journey of faith. While we can’t earn a right relationship with God and eternal life by what we do, when we put our faith in Jesus, it’s natural to do something for others as we serve God.

Even when we want to do something, sometimes we don’t know where to start. To help you ENGAGE, here’s this week’s “ENGAGE Tip“:

Volunteer on Sunday: More than likely you’re already coming to Deep Water–unless you follow us online. So, consider helping out. On any given Sunday, the volunteers, bring snacks to share after the gathering, make coffee, greet people at the doors, help in the nursery or teach/assist in kids church. So, if you like kids, can bake (or buy donuts), or cna smile as you open a door, you can engage people every week!

Contact us, talk to Jeff on Sunday or comment below to get involved!