Some of you know we collected camping supplies for the homeless last year after Firefly. John Rundle had the idea; and we got permission and just showed up and did what we could.

The scope of what we could have done was unbelievable, so we connected with Red Frog, the company that runs Firefly. We pitched the idea to partner with them to collect leftover camping supplies for the homeless of Kent County during the festival. They were excited about the idea. We partner with Code Purple regularly to serve those in need around Dover and the rest of Kent County, so all the items will go to them. To read more about it, check out FireFly’s website.

This is a great example of seeing a need and creatively finding a way to serve those around us. So, I want to give a big shoutout to all those who helped last year and especially John for spearheading this effort!

Look for volunteer possibilities with this for the summer!