As many of you know, we work to help the homeless in this area and love partnering with other organizations that serve the homeless population. Two years ago, we began to work with the people who put on Firefly. Many of the items left behind after the festival can be useful to the homeless. To make this work, we need volunteers to help us collect and process materials donated and left behind after Firefly on Monday, June 19 @19:30am. All the things collected go to Code Purple.

Yesterday, we went to a regularly scheduled meeting with Red Frog (the organizers of Firefly) at Legislative Hall. We were surprised when the Delaware House of Representatives honored us for the work we did staring the project and our continued work organizing the project for Code Purple. While most of you weren’t able to be there, all of you are part of this. Thanks for being part of Deep Water and making a difference in the lives of so many as we love our community for Jesus! #WeAreAllInThisTogether

If you signed up to help, be sure to pick up your t-shirts on Sunday after the 10:00am worship gathering.