Thank you everyone for helping with sleeping bags, tents and other items left over from Firefly! Some of the tents are already being used and the others will be put to good use throughout the year.

We have the opportunity to acquire things for the homeless on the Monday after Big Barrel–the more countrified cousin of Firefly. We will be meeting at 7:30am in the Deep Water Church parking lot off North Street. (Please park in LSA spots only–we can show you which spots those are!)  We will then head up to the festival area and collect sleeping bags, tents, etc. that are discarded by festival goers.

We will need people to:

1. Go with us at 7:30 am on Monday, June 29.

2. Wash sleeping bags, etc. at your home.

3. Provide some storage space for gear collected.

For more details or to help, contact us or comment below!