When we started Deep Water, we used rotating teams of volunteers to teach the kids at Kids Church. As we have continued to grow, the needs for our kids have grown too. With some new volunteers and the expansion to a second service, we are now able to offer Kids Church at both the 9 and 11 am services, starting January 24. (When we first started the 9am service, we did not have Kids Church. This made it difficult for some people to attend at 9am, but we wanted to wait until we were able to offer the consistent quality our kids deserve.)

Instead of rotating teams of volunteers, we will have one teacher teaching weekly at the 9am service and one for the 11am service. So, please welcome Mariah as our 11am teacher and Mary as our 9am teacher. Both are really cool people who love Jesus and kids!

Note for clarity: Kids Church is currently offered at 11 am every week. Starting January 24, we’ll offer it at 9 am too.