Living things grow. While that statement might seem obvious, many times in our faith we don’t grow–we stagnate…we never move forward, becoming more like Jesus and enjoying the promised full, abundant life (John 10:10).

One of the core actions we stress at Deep Water is grow. Our spiritual life should be moving forward every day. There are many ways to grow. One of the things that helps many people grow is something called taking time to step back and reflect on God and the Scriptures–that is, it is a time devoted to growing in your spiritual life. While some people simply read and study books of the Bible, others find something called “devotionals” helpful in maintaining their spiritual growth. Devotionals are typically a Bible verse or verses with a few paragraphs explaining how to live it out in our daily lives (kinda like a mini-sermon).

When first introduced to them, I recall getting a small booklet with a few short paragraphs and a Scripture to read. Of course, the internet and apps have brought change to the form in which they come. Many of these devotionals are now available online, through email, RSS feeds, apps (iOS, Android and others), Twitter and Facebook. So, here’s a quick review of a few of the materials that seem to be good sources for people here at Deep Water.

It’s available online and as a great Bible app for your iphone, ipad or android device–and also offers devotional material ( Of course, you can review or discuss the sermon weekly thru live events each week or check out the group for Deep Water.

Our Daily Bread
This has been a classic devotional for as long as I can remember. It offers a brief commentary on Scripture and can now be played audibly for your drive to work. It is available online and as an app on iOS ($0.99) and Android. You can also sign up to follow them on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Randomly found this one when looking through some apps and found the material well written and relevant. It is available as and app on iOS and Android. You can also sign up to follow them on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Parent Cue & Kids Devotional
Although the materials are designed for Kids. The Parent Cue and Kids Devotional sheets are a great way to introduce kids to Bible study and can be a great way for parents to grow too. And since most Americans feel stressed for more time, it allows parents to grow while helping their kids grow. These sheets are available on Sundays, posted on Deep Water’s website and go out in our weekly email let every week.

Please check them out–and let me know about your experience so I can continue to recommend them to others.

We’re also hoping to add more discipleship groups in the future. These groups meet to study a particular curriculum or topic over time. While many are announced, some form without formal announcements. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll try to connect you with others as groups form.